Two Friends One Dream

Founders Kim Zeeman and Finn Cramer are bound by a lifelong friendship and a lust for the tropics. From a young age, they have had an ongoing desire to work in a place that could evoke a feeling of being on vacation. Kim decided to pursue a career in fashion photography and Finn embarked on an adventure as a personal trainer slash model. But, like true best friends, they only parted ways to meet again.

Fast forward to present day and both men are in charge of parq studios: a multipurpose property where the fit and the creative can thrive. The 480 m² space boasts two photography studios, an active gym, a bar with healthy snack options and an outdoor terrace where you enjoy rays of sunshine as you sip on a on a fruity cocktail. Just picture that summer breeze, running through your hair.

Drowning in Amsterdam’s pouring rain? Head over to parq studios where the weather’s always perfect and you’re greeted by palm trees. The venue has an upbeat but laid-back vibe, making it the perfect location for yoga sessions, photoshoots, brainstorms, tastings, private dinners and other events.